Repurposed Yarn Shelf and Wool Carders

Our fiber store called us the other day and left a message saying that her store was closing on August 19th (she is moving to Australia for three years!) and she was having some sales.  So, Joe headed over there (I had to work) and he picked up a whole bunch of things for some good prices.  Awhile ago we had asked her to order us a table loom stand so Joe picked that up and then he also got us 24 rolls of yarn, some new supplies for our tapestry loom, and a set of wool carders to turn raw wool into spinnable wool.  Everything he bought found a home except for all of the yarn so we brought in some older shelves from the pole barn and turned them into bins for the yarn.  Joe has had these shelves for years and years but they are still super nice and work perfectly to hold the yarn he bought, plus some of our other balls/rolls of yarn that we had around the house as well.

These are our carders.  They are necessary if we want to turn raw wool into something that can be spun into yarn but we were hesitant to buy them because they were so expensive and we weren’t sure how often we would use them (we do have quite a bit of raw wool right now though that needs to be carded).  With her going out of business, or at least closing her store for awhile, we were able to get them much cheaper and it was a lot easier to decide to buy them!


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