Finch Shelf

We finally got our finches all settled in so that they don’t have to spend time locked up in the pantry.  Friday I picked out a shelf that wouldn’t look too terrible in the kitchen and yesterday afternoon Joe hung it up for me.  Now the finches are up high in the kitchen where no cats or dogs can reach them, but they are still part of the room and the activity and they can see people and animals coming and going all the time.  They chatter to themselves and chatter to us and each other…and they drive the cats crazy but there is no way for them to get up there so they sit on the counter/floor and gaze up at them 🙂

Here is Joe staring up at the birds and his handiwork.  Pretty sure they were telling him they liked their new home 🙂 I’ve also found myself in the kitchen just staring up at them….they are interesting to watch and they just chatter so much!


Usually it is Pinga who is on the counter staring up at the birds but this time it was Ocean’s turn.  I have seen them both on the counter and Chloe on the floor all staring up at them too.  I wonder if they will keep entertaining the cats or if the cats will get used to the birds and forget they are up their.


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