Bits and Pieces of Today

Today was my day off and, like most of my weekdays off, it started with taking my friend Eleanor out to go shopping.  We went to Hardees, Shopko, Wal-Mart and McDonalds (she likes to hit up fast food places to see if any of her friends are there!).  Afterwards we carried all of her things up to her apartment and I threaded her sewing machine for her…she can still sew easy things, but can’t get the machine threaded most of the time so we thread it when I am there and she tapes the thread to the machine so it is ready to go for the next time she wants to sew.  Once we were all finished I headed home to let Buddy and Cora out and I called about donating blood because I got an email the other day saying they were running short.  I figured maybe I could go in today but instead I am going in next Tuesday.

This afternoon then I headed back to town to pick up our milk share, return a bird cage to the pet store (they let us borrow it) and I stopped by a hardware store who no longer sells shelf boards (but they do sell brackets to hang the non-existent shelf boards) and then I headed home for a second time with milk and without a shelf!

My new milk jug that I found today ($5 from Wal-Mart).  I was using a plastic pitcher to pour our milk into (it comes in large mason jars) but plastic soaks up smells and now after only a month the pitcher smells yucky and it makes me not want to use our fresh, tasty milk.  I tried to find a glass pitcher with a lid but so far I haven’t found any but I did find this…a glass jug with a plastic lid that hopefully I can keep from soaking up a milk smell. This jug only holds a half gallon of milk instead of a whole gallon like the pitcher did, but I think it will work better anyways and I can always get another one if I really need to.   You can also see Joe’s electrolyte powder and gel for when he trains long and on triathlon day too, and my one of my only house plants that is still alive. I had one plant upstairs that moved twice with me and has been growing for years now but the chicks ate it.  I do have two Christmas cactuses still going and I’ll knock on some wood that I don’t jinx myself and kill them too!

Three lounging animals in the kitchen this afternoon.  Pinga is guarding the ingredients for supper I guess.  It’s hard to keep her off the counters…especially when Chloe is around.

This afternoon I caught up on laundry… clothes, bedding and rugs… I love when the rugs are freshly washed!

I also did some painting in our sunroom.  I don’t even know what colour it is… some kind of gray.  I went to the returned/clearance/mixed wrong paint and I picked the most neutral colour I could find… so I only paid like $7 for this gallon of paint and I’m perfectly happy with the colour! I just wanted something close to plain but not bright white and this works just great. I still need to finish up the trim and then I think I will make some curtains and then I will add all of our things back in… like two of our looms and a little table to sit next to the futon.  Did you notice the two dead house plants?  Sacrificed to 50 nosey little chickens.

Ocean spent half the afternoon watching me paint and the other half of the afternoon sleeping on top of all of my craft tubs.  I have a lot of craft stuff and I could probably fill two more totes with projects and things that are still scattered around the house.

After telling the big chickens that I would haul the corn out of my car for the past three days, I finally did it today and they were so happy to have corn to sratch and eat!  The babies got corn too but they don’t really ‘get’ scratching very well yet.  We save our feed bags for a woman that we know who turns them into reusable bags.  We have a huge stack of bags now and I’m glad that someone can reuse them because otherwise I’d just throw them away.   Today, finally, after two years of having chickens I finally figured out what the EZ-open label on the top of the bag is…I always tried to pull but it never worked and I always have used scissors.  Well today I totally got it and it really is EZ-Open and will make putting chicken feed away so much easier! I was pretty excited… it only took me two years to learn something so simple.  Right now the chickens are going through about 100lb of food a week between all of them and I now have to haul at least 4 gallons of water outside each day or they will get very low/run out and I have to haul extra the next day which is unfortunate since I don’t really like to haul water.  I don’t even want to know how much food and water they will eat once everyone is full grown and laying eggs!

This afternoon I also made salsa and guacamole to go with our couscous taco salad for supper.  I’ll probably share that recipe and it’s link tomorrow.

And finally, while I was busy here at home and out running errands Joe was super busy at work.  He has a bunch of projects coming due soon and has been working hard to finish them up.  When he got home he also had to go for a two hour run.  It isn’t the first thing he wants to do when he comes home from work usually but it will pay off when he is able to do his triathlon in two weeks!  These are Joe’s new running shoes…he has had a chance to go out in them a few times now and says they are really great!


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