Lentils Gone Bad

A couple days ago at the store I was wandering in the rice isle (looking for couscous which I’m 99% sure Wal-Mart does not carry because I can’t find it!) and I saw some lentils.  I love all those bags of rice and beans etc. but we hardly ever buy or eat dried beans or much rice beyond arborrio (for when Joe makes me risotto) or Minute-style white/brown rice… but this bag of lentils was calling to me and I took it home with me.  So then I needed to find a good recipe for lentils and I found one for Italian sausage and lentils which required only ingredients we had except for the sausage which I picked up after work last night.  I got home, fed everyone, changed and then Joe got home and I was ready to start cooking…except I hadn’t gotten to run yesterday morning so I decided to go run upstairs on our treadmill while the lentils boiled and Joe was in the other room.  I figured I would be finished when they were finished and Joe could check on them once in awhile to make sure everything was ok.  Well, I ran longer than I expected and forgot all about the lentils.  Joe got caught up in something in the other room and he forgot all about the lentils too.  I did finally remember the lentils when I could smell burning upstairs while I was running.  I ran downstairs and obviously found a dry pot of burnt lentils.  I was so bummed!  So while I was showering Joe made up an Italian sausage soup for supper with carrots/onion/celery and rice…it was spicy and had some chicken stock and tomato paste in there too as the base.  It turned out really good and he saved our supper!

Burnt Lentils. So sad.

Tasty made up soup that saved supper 🙂

This evening for supper we are having leftover soup, cheesy foccia bread and salad since I worked until 7:30 and it is now 9pm and Joe just got home from a run.  A nice, easy, tasty and healthy supper!


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