Homemade McDonald’s Oatmeal

When I go out with my friend Eleanor she always wants to go have breakfast at McDonald’s (or occasionally Hardees) and I almost always get their new oatmeal instead of a sandwich etc.  Normally if I eat homemade oatmeal it is in a little packet that I take to work for lunch with  me or I’ll just make oatmeal from the big tub and add brown sugar and milk.  This time I decided to make it like McDonald’s makes theirs and add fruit and nuts to it as well.

To one serving of cooked oatmeal (1/2cup dry) I added a Tablespoon each of brown sugar, raisins and chopped walnuts and then I chopped up and added 1/4 of an apple and I added a little bit of milk because I like it that way…a couple tablespoonsful or so.  I used our skim milk instead of our fresh milk this time be cause I was making some for Joe too and he doesn’t love the fresh milk 🙂 Joe doesn’t really like oatmeal too much in general but he tried it this morning when I made him some.  I thought it was tasty although I might have put more sugar in it normally but I was trying to keep it all close in nutritional values to what McDonald’s does just to see if I could.  I guess theirs is still a little bit tastier but mine is from home and I don’t have to drive to get it!


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