Swimming in Torth Lake

Joe’s triathlon is less than three weeks away so he has needed to practice swimming outside in the water with his wet suit.  So this past Saturday we went out and finally tried it out.  We found a spot to park and we both walked out to the water (which took forever and we now know where to park that is closer!) and then Joe headed off across the water while I went back to the car with his things and drove to the end… which was really hard to find and between walking back to the car and finding a good spot to park close to where he was going to come out took me almost the entire time he was swimming!  This part really didn’t make me that happy because I couldn’t see him to make sure he was safe, but he assures me that even if he couldn’t swim that far the wet suit keeps him floating etc. so he is perfectly safe :-).

It was a very nice day to go for a swim (or for a walk for me).  I think we’ll probably have do this at least two more times before Joe’s triathlon just to give him more practice instead of swimming in the pool.


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