A Chicken Screen Door

Our baby chicks were moved outside last weekend and their room of the chicken coop is a bit dark and they don’t get to see outside much and they aren’t going outside yet because they are still a little bit too small.  So, I wanted to make them a door or a screen to put in the doorway so that they could get more light and air and have a view outside so all the chickens could get to know each other.  Joe caught me trying to make a temporary screen out of tape and garden stakes and decided he had better help me make something better or he would have to look at my contraption everytime he was outside 🙂

Since there are two doors to our coop we took the inside one (‘we’ is loosely used from here on out because Joe did most of this!) and took out the top window and cut/smashed out the bottom panels leaving a door frame with two huge holes in it that we covered in some spare chicken wire.  Now there is a nice spot for the babies to look outside and the second door is left open for now but in the winter we can close it up and cover the screen door for some more warmth.

None of the chicks wanted to be in the picture and they usually spend most of their time running around in the bigger part of the room but I have seen them come up here and look out the door and watch the big girls scratching. Eventually I think they will be more interested in it and then we’ll get them outside to explore at some point too.


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