Hot air, Thunderstorms, Haze, Power Outages and Misc.

This week has been a weird mix of things up here! It has been ridiculously hot (like it has been around a lot of the country), Monday there was a big power outage that affected over 4,000 people… our house was fine, but my work was out so I didn’t have to go in until 45 minutes later than my scheduled time because the power finally came back on.  They said it was a very large crow that flew into a transformer…the power didn’t make it so I’m guessing neither did the poor crow.  There are forest fires in Canada right now that are so strong the smoke is blowing into the U.P. and there has been a constant haze and smoke smell for the past few days and now this morning there is another power outage (thankfully not our house again, we’ve been lucky!) but about 700 people are out again and we’ve been getting rain and thunderstorms all morning with long rolling thunder. At least with the rain and thunderstorms I think the haze is temporarily gone or washed away…I’m sure it will come back strong though once it heats up and the sun comes out and the clouds leave us.  What a week of weird weather and outages! At least we’ve still been pretty lucky though, all of our animals are surviving the heat just fine, we haven’t had any severe weather yet, the fires/haze are so far away that we’re safe and our house hasn’t even lost power.

This one is so blurry but the poor chickens are all lined up at the door waiting for me to give them some corn because it is so wet and rainy they can’t even lounge or dust bathe in the sun today and they are bored 🙂  Lucky them because I have a whole bunch of scraps to take out to the adults this morning and I’m going to donate my failed attempt at making banana chips to the babies to peck at.

In a whole bunch of other random news… I forgot to mention that Joe took me to see the final Harry Potter film.  I thought it was better than the last couple of movies but still not as good as the first few were.  I was still glad to see it anyways though and I had been counting down the days until I’d get to see it.  Joe did not like it, and doesn’t like Harry Potter at all really…and it was unfortunate because I had told him I was sure the movie theatre would have AC and it did not. So it was a long 2 hours for him!

We picked up our new CSA share a few days ago and so for the past two days I have been drying some of our greens to save for the winter… so far I have dried some rainbow chard and some braising mix and this morning I added a few mustard greens/arugula to the dehydrator as well.  I purchased large quart canning jars and will store the dried greens in those until the winter comes and then we can put a handful of greens in with things like stew, soup, pasta sauce etc. and we’ll still get all the vitamins and minerals (or at least I’m assuming a good portion of them) of the fresh food when it is dried and saved for out of season.  I keep meaning to buy local strawberries to can some jam as well and I’d like to freeze a lot of blueberries once they finally ripen but so far drying is all I have begun.

We still haven’t made any cheese yet with our fresh milk because we haven’t ordered any starters yet.  I may do that tomorrow so we can at least make mozzarella fresh and maybe have it on basil, mozzarella pizza! I have had success with butter and I’m still hesitant to try sour cream.  I think I want an ice cream maker someday too so that we can make homemade ice cream with our cream! Buddy and Cora agree with me because they love their ice cream 🙂

No pictures have been uploaded from the Canal Run yet, they try to get a photo of everyone and with almost 600 people I guess it will take awhile to edit and upload but I have been checking everyday and will either post the actual photos and link to the photographers website if I can, or link to the photo website if I can’t so that anyone who wants to can see us running! I know everyone is super excited to see us running… I wish I had a photo of Joe and I together but we didn’t get a chance afterwards… I should have found someone to take a picture of us before the race.

Joe’s training for his triathlon is going well except last night he wrecked one of his tires thanks to crappy roads near Tamarack and Hubbell.  He could technically go another way but really that is the best/easiest way because the opposite direction he goes into Hancock with a lot more traffic and residential areas and he would have to go slower and watch out better and he can’t really go into Dollar Bay because he would have to make a million laps just to get his whole time biking (which is often hours long now).  So really his only choice is to go North but the roads tend to be bad and hurt his bike.  Otherwise he is doing good and there is less than a month left before his race! That also means there is less than a month before our first wedding anniversary since it is on the same day 🙂

Tomorrow is my day off and after I do grocery shopping, pick up our milk share and tidy up a bit around here I am going to scrub and paint the sun room where the chicks were staying.  They did a number on some of the paint so the whole room will get a nice makeover and it will, hopefully, be all nice and fresh and ready for Buddy to go back to snoozing in there by the end of the day… we’ll see how far I get! Maybe I will finish so early that Buddy and I could take a nap in there together as long as it isn’t too hot in the afternoon.

I think that’s it for random news.  I accidentally reset my alarm clock wrong and slept until almost 9 this morning without any animal waking me up to tell me I was way late for their breakfast time (I guess it helped that they were outside of the room and the door was shut :-)) .  I meant to get up at 7, so I feel like I lost half my morning! Cora is laying on the floor chewing on her fish toy and Buddy is behind me snoozing.  They are both wet from the rain.  The cats are spread out in the house sleeping, except for Pinga who has been wandering around the house playing since she is feeling a lot better.  The bunnies are chomping on lettuce and apples this morning and like I mentioned earlier the chickens are bored and waiting for me to come out and give them scratch corn to find, they are the last ones who need to be fed this morning.  I have a date with our treadmill too since it is pouring outside and I don’t want to go run in it.  I was going to go to the SDC but think I will just stay in the house this morning and head upstairs instead.


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