Chick Move Out

The chicks have been growing like crazy and with the heat wave we’re having we finally decided to send them out to the big chicken coop.  Their small sun room was getting crowded and the heat in the afternoon was becoming unbearable for them and we’re pretty sure they wouldn’t have made it the week in there! So, today while I was at work Joe surprised me by cleaning out and setting up the second half of our chicken coop and he took all of the chicks (48 of them!) outside by himself so that when I came home everything was all finished.  We do have a little bit of work in the coop to do yet and a bunch of stuff to clean up from the move but that isn’t a major priority because the chicks are now safe and happy in their (much cooler) outside coop!

A whole bunch of baby chickens in their new home complete with two feeders, a water jug, two baby chicken roosts and a ton of new places to explore! I bet this will help solve our mice problem too! Those mice will have another thing coming when they scurry out of the wall to discover 48 birds with pokey beaks waiting to chase them around 🙂


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