Canal Run 2011

Race day was today! About a month ago Joe and I signed up for the Canal Run, him for the 10-mile run and me for the 5-mile run and today was finally the day.  It was cloudy but pretty humid out and thankfully the race was early in the day so it wasn’t too, too hot out yet by the time we were finished.  There were almost 600 participants between 4 events, 5 and 10 mile walk and run, and there were plenty of spectators and the radio station there as well.  Joe and I got to the race finish around 7:15 in the morning where we put our numbers on (Joe was 98 and I was 519) and got little anklet timers before being bussed to our respective start lines.  Joe’s race began around 8am and mine was supposed to begin at 8:15 but it didn’t end up beginning until about 8:28.

Joe coming in to the finish line

Joe ran his 10 miles in about 1 hour and 41 minutes and I ran my 5 miles in about 55 minutes.  Neither of us were super fast, but we both ran the entire way and neither of us were even close to being last! Plus, a few people got trips in the ambulance and I saw at least one girl throw up pretty good… so all in all, with no sickness or injuries, or even walking… Joe and I both did fantastic! I thought the race was super fun, although I’m glad the day was cloudy and not blaring with sun, and I’m looking forward to running in races in the future! I didn’t end up getting very many photos (after I finished I ran back to the car to grab my camera to get a picture of Joe) but there were professional photographers along the route and hopefully they got some pictures that I will be able to either link or post of us during the run!


3 thoughts on “Canal Run 2011

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