New 17-HMR Rifle

Joe and I have recently become members of a local shooting range  so Joe decided to build his own rifle (I will have to share about that in it’s own post) and he figured that I would need a rifle to shoot at the range too so he spent awhile looking and finally picked one out and brought it home one night as a gift! It is fun to shoot and Joe got the scope all sighted in for me so I have a chance at hitting a target.  It is pretty loud I guess (I didn’t think it was bad but Joe and the other man shooting said it was loud), but we wear ear muffs and it doesn’t kick at all which is nice.

The brand name is Stephenson

Here I am trying to get Buddy to pretend he is my bird dog.  But he isn’t, and he just wants to get a head scratch.  This gun won’t be shooting any birds, or other animals, either… it is just for targets and the range.

Ocean appreciating the gun bag by laying all over it.


2 thoughts on “New 17-HMR Rifle

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