Homemade Butter from Raw Milk

Today I made some butter from the cream of our raw milk.  I made butter about a week or two ago as well but it didn’t work as well as it did today because I learned a new secret that I did not know last time…. if the cream is close to room temperature it will turn into butter much faster and easier than it will if it is cold.  Don’t ask me why, I have no idea… I just know that it works.  So, when we first got our milk there was already a lot of cream that had separated and settled on top of the jars.  I put the jars into the fridge and didn’t touch them for a day to let even more cream settle.  The next morning I poured off the cream and got about a quart of cream from a gallon of milk.  This morning when I decided I was going to make butter I took the jug of cream out of the fridge and left it on the counter for a couple of hours while I did other chores etc.

When it was time to make butter I decided to try using the blender instead of our stand mixer this time.  The stand mixer is nice, but butter/liquid flies everywhere.  The blender worked so much better! I poured the warmish cream into the blender, put the lid on, turned it on to the blend setting (one of the lower settings on my blender) and went to fold laundry for awhile.  After only maybe 10 minutes or so the butter separated and floated to the top…

I strained the butter from the liquid, saving the liquid to make biscuits, and then rinsed the butter in cold water to remove all of the buttermilk.  I’ve read butter will turn rancid if this isn’t done… I’ve never seen rancid butter but I can’t imagine it’s pleasant…so I’m trying hard to do this step correctly!

Mashing the butter with a spoon against the sides of the bowl until fresh water stays/runs clean from the butter.  I kept changing and replacing the cold water.

Finally I emptied the water and just mashed/squished the butter around to get all of the remaining water and liquid out of the butter.

Then I salted it in the bowl and packed it into a smaller tupperware to put into the fridge.  I ended up with about 8 ounces of butter and used 1tsp salt for it trying not to oversalt.  Joe said I could have used maybe a little bit more but we left it this time and next time I will try a bit more.

So, I used a quart of fresh cream, got 8 ounces of butter and a little over 2 cups of buttermilk which I then turned into biscuits.  Although, I used too much flour so they came out more like buttermilk dinner rolls but that’s alright.  Baking is not my strong suit!


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