Hot-Pot Inspired Supper

Hot pot suppers are one of the most fun suppers to have because everyone eats together and can pick and choose what they want.  Tonight we didn’t exactly do a hot pot supper but Joe did take that idea and make us a tasty, but easier to make and cleanup, supper!

Uncooked noodles and thinly sliced beef in the bottom of our bowls.  The broth he poured in cooked them for us as we were eating 🙂

The stock was made from beef stock and white wine along with shallots and then there was potato, greens, green onion and mussels as well and maybe even a few more things I don’t even know about!  It was very tasty and as we ate some of the other stuff the meat and noodles cooked up in the bottom of our bowls!

Joe also made us risotto with some of our mizuna in it and we had fresh bread to go along with it too which was nice to soak up some of the broth from the meat/soup dish.  Overall it was a very fun and tasty supper to have and something different from what I would normally cook us, because I would never have thought to do something like that on my own.

In other news, earlier today Joe and I went out on errands… we picked up some produce from the farmer’s market and then we headed to Baraga to see if their feed store was open.  I’m not convinced our feed is the best for the chickens and I want to try Purina feed to see if that works any better.  I wonder if some of the pecking that they do is because of some kind of nutritional problem.  Unfortunately the feed store was closed (why do feed stores close at 1 or 2pm in the summer on a Saturday? As if they wouldn’t make money staying open…) so we ended up continuing on to L”Anse to see what we could find down there.  We checked out some neat guns in their gun store (I liked one but it was over $400 so it did not come home with us!) and then we found a hardware store that was going out of business and came home with a whole bunch of cheap stuff… tupperware, painting supplies, a 6ft aluminum ladder.  We also visited their thrift store where Joe found more vintage records for his old record player.  All in all it was a good day, and then we stopped at the grocery store to pick up a few things and Joe made us a good super to end the evening!


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