Starting to Feel Better

Pinga is our cat with all the troubles.  Ever since we got her she has had a large sore on her mouth/lips that won’t go away with antibiotics or steroids…. sometimes it will get better or worse, but there is always something there.  We’ve even tried allergy medicine incase she was allergic to something outside because she tends to get worse in the spring and summer when the windows are open and everything is blooming but even that didn’t help.  And then, last weekend she must have caught her claw on something and got it infected and then Saturday night I noticed that her paw was missing fur and it was blood and swollen.  So we finally got her in to the vet who gave her some antibiotics and a steroid shot which the vet said sometimes helps cats with these lip sores better and that might get it to go away.

And, 24 hours later you can already tell she is feeling much better! Her foot looks great and it is healing well and she seems to be in a better mood and more relaxed than she has been in a long time.  Hopefully with two weeks of antibiotics her foot with heal nicely and the steroid shot should help her lip sore and as a bonus it will take the swelling down in her foot helping it to heal faster as well.  If the steroid shot helps her mouth then she will be on that every few weeks for probably a long time, maybe forever… but at $15 and a quick trip to the vet a little shot is well worth it if it makes her feel a lot better!

She looks all sad and droopy here but she really isn’t…if you pet her she will perk up and stand up and rub on you and snuggle….she is just totally sleepy and relaxed here on her favourite window ledge.  She hasn’t lounged like this in so long and we’re so glad she is feeling a lot better!


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