Escape Artists Fly the Coop

Some of our chicks are super smart and they know that they can flap their wings and get themselves to the edge of the baby pool to perch.  They do it on purpose and sit there giving me a look that says I can’t make them get down, or stop them from flying up, even if I try.  Other chicks of ours aren’t too bright and they accidentally fly themselves over the top of the pool and out into oblivion.  A couple of nights ago I went in to check on them instead of just looking through the window and it was a good thing that I did because I found a little heap of 7 babies curled up outside the pool.  I scooped them back in.  Yesterday, Joe came home and found one out and had to chase it down to get it back into the pool.  Last night I scooped more in when they were asleep and this morning I woke up and found this…

Sad little, forlorn chick.  No friends.  Can’t figure out how to get back… not even courageous enough to explore on her own! She is just standing there…not moving, looking around confused.  She must have found her wings and then sent herself over the edge. Cold, no newspapers or sisters to snuggle.  I scooped her back in though (after I caught her because they don’t like to be chased) and she is perfectly content again! In fact, I had two more escapes while I was changing their paper this morning.  We’re working on a solution!


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