Bridgefest 2011

It’s that time of year again, time to celebrate the Bridge! Although it has gotten stuck a couple times this past year which is definitely not something to celebrate! Luckily I wasn’t directly involved in it, I was always on the home-side during the troubles but a stuck bridge may mean sitting in Houghton for awhile or not making it home to feed the  animals or not making it to work if I’ m stuck at home… so hopefully the bridge doesn’t do that again anytime soon! Thankfully Joe works on the home-side of the bridge so chances are at least one of us would be on the correct side to check up on the animals here at home.  Other than those couple times it’s a nice, trustworthy bridge that is fun to watch go up and down (unless I’m on my way to work and running late). Go here for our Bridgefest 2010, or Bridgefest 2009

As always Joe and I went to the parade this evening followed by a trip to the waterfront for a tasty seafood supper.  This year was unfortunate though because they had no mussels to eat and we were looking forward to those.  Maybe next year!

Fire trucks

and snow plow equipment

Neat jugglers on unicycles

and a fancy beer truck

The marching band  selection was pretty slim (there was only 2 or 3!) but this one came all the way from Bessemer to participate and I thought they were pretty good!

I wish they had a website so I could check out prices etc.  Might have to look into this!

And then came seafood!! Mmmm.  Crab legs, and white fish, breaded fish/shrimp, and skewered shrimp…

… plus coleslaw, french fries and shrimp boil with shrimp, potatoes and corn! Such a good supper! I was so stuffed and on the walk back to the car we picked up some fried cheese curds too!


3 thoughts on “Bridgefest 2011

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