Homemade Summer Door Decoration

I was off from work today but I hurt what I  think is one of the tendons in my ankle a few days ago so I stayed home and didn’t really go out shopping or anything.  I did do a bunch of chores around the house but I also spent some time with some ice just sitting too.  During one of these times I was browsing the internet and I found this website with instructions on how to make a super cute 4th of July door decoration. I didn’t have all of the exact things handy but I figured I would be able to do something similar from what was in the house.  So I found a thick piece of old cardboard from a box and my paints and painters tape etc. and went about making a door hanger.

Mine came out a little bit lame looking but whatever, it was still free and it’s only cardboard so I’m not out any supplies! I should really fix my star with a template (I didn’t use one obviously!) which wouldn’t be that hard and then it would look a lot better 🙂 I’ve learned my lesson that I cannot free-hand star shapes to save myself.  But for now, I hung it up on the door anyways.  I’m sure no one is going to drive up to the house and be like “Excuse me your door hanger is dumb looking” so it doesn’t matter! Plus, as a bonus, the way we have our screen open right now it helps cover up the star a bit so from the road you can see there is a holiday decoration but can’t quite tell that it looks a bit goofy.


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