Dead-Leaf Moth

Tonight Joe asked me if I had seen the big moth on the door, as I was just coming out of the house while he was grilling us supper, and I looked all over the door and I didn’t see a thing.. no moth, no bugs, nothing but a door that needs some paint! Finally he pointed it out to me and I had to look twice to realize that he was right… there was a big brown, lumpy moth on our door frame that looked just like a crumbled piece of old leaf. Such good camouflage!

I’m really not a bug person, and a short time later a huge grasshopper tried to attack my legs as we were walking but… How cool is that moth?


6 thoughts on “Dead-Leaf Moth

  1. Ahh!!! I’m terrified of moths. Like, get me out of the room before I freak out … terrified of moths. That would send me over the edge. Yuck!!

  2. Went to let my dog out and always check my tomato plants. Thought there was a dead leaf caught on the tomato cage and tried to pull it off, but much to my surprise, it was some kind of a moth, but really doesn’t look exactly like yours.Looks even more like a dead leaf and hung on to the cage for dear life.

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  4. I found the exact same moth on my front steps two days ago. He spent the entire day there. I thought he was dead until I realized he had moved later in the afternoon. A short while later, he was gone. Just wish I could find out what kind of moth this is. Very cool but creepy. I am not into moths, generally and big, hairy ones creep me out. Still, very interesting and unusual critter.

    • I know! I never did figure out what it was and I haven’t seen a moth like that since. He or she was pretty neat looking though. Normally all we get are the normal, plain moths that like to fly by the lights.

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