Rabbit Enrichment: Bunny Surprise Tree

Yesterday I made the rabbits a new toy to play with because it seems like they have been bored lately.  Ever since they fought they haven’t been out to play much so they need something extra to keep them excited and happy.

First I cut two branches from one of our apple trees.  Then I cut out some newspaper squares (16 in all but this could vary) and filled them with treats and surprises for the rabbits…

Each rabbit got 8 little packages filled with:

  • 3 cherry tomatoes
  • A few raisins
  • Some flour tortilla bits
  • 2 packages of grass
  • Cheerios
  • Mixed lettuce
  • The end of a carrot

Then I tied all of the little packages up and to the apple branch ‘tree’ with some garden twine.

And then I put them in the rabbit cages and tied them up so they couldn’t knock them over and cheat by getting all their packages from the ground.  This way they have to reach and sniff and use their heads to figure out how to get to the higher packages 🙂  They can also eat the apple branches which I hear rabbits love.

Sniffing out his tree and exploring

This bunny was more interested in his tree until it got all distracted by the camera.


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