Us vs. Dogs and the Litter Box

Buddy has always enjoyed the occasional visit to the litter box and for awhile we had a closed litter box to try and keep him out but then he learned to shove his head in the door and we got Pinga who wouldn’t go inside so we had to go without a lid. Over the years now Buddy has begun to visit the litter box more, and more and now Cora also enjoys visiting the box.  So, between the two of them they spill litter/poop all over the kitchen floor and in their water dish and often smell disgusting themselves… which is obviously super gross.  We always yell at them when we catch them but sometimes they can be really sneaky and we don’t notice until they breathe on us or we find a mess on the floor.  There is a powder product we can get to add to the cat food that makes the litter box pretty unattractive to the dogs but I don’t want to really make the cats eat something weird and spend a ton of money on the stuff if we can help it.  So this morning, I fought with the baby gate (whoever invented that thing I want to yell at them, it’s the most frustrating thing ever!) but I finally got it to work and wedged it in front of the litter box so that the cats can still enter from the side but neither of the dogs can get their heads in far enough to grab anything.  Hopefully it works because eating from the litter box is unacceptable! 🙂

Ideally I would love to put a door here to hide the litter box entirely and add a little cat sized door so that they can get in and walk past the spare litter to the box but the dogs wouldn’t be able to shove their heads in and turn all the way in to grab anything.  Not sure how we’ll permanently solve the problem but for now, so far today anyways, this is working and I hope it continues to work because I hate smelling and cleaning up after the dogs when they do that!



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