Chloe and Socks

When the screen door is open Chloe is usually the one sitting in front of it.  Mostly because Ocean sleeps upstairs a lot and Pinga is scared to look out the door because Chloe sneaks up on her.  Pinga has had a few chances to look out the door though too so she isn’t totally deprived 🙂  Tonight I walked into the kitchen and looked out the door and saw Socks the neighbor’s cat greeting Chloe.  I don’t think Socks ever really noticed our cats before but now they were on eye level so he stopped by to say Hello.  Socks is a nice cat, he likes to visit our chickens and gaze at them from a rock next to the coop but he never hurts them or anything and sometimes he watches us from on top of our old chicken coops when we take morning walks, I don’t think he thinks we can see him. As if his black and whiteness blends right in with green trees and brown chicken coops!  He is also friendly if he walks past the kitchen window and you go outside, he will let you snuggle him for a bit.,

Pinga looking out the door but keeping an eye out for Chloe behind her.

Chloe (who we’re pretty sure is getting larger) and Socks outside.


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