Committed to the Canal Run

Joe and I both worked today and then after Joe was done (much earlier than usual!) he went on an 8 mile run and got home about a half an hour after I got home from work.  Usually I will work out in the mornings before work but today I didn’t get much of a chance so I said I wanted to go out as well and I ended up going 6 miles (although it almost killed me), mostly because I want to make sure I don’t look like a big dork next month when Joe and I participate in the Canal Run.  Today we officially signed up and committed to running.  Joe is going to do the 10-mile run in preparation for his triathlon in August and I am going to run the 5-mile run so we won’t be racing together but we’ll see each other at the finish line! In fact, the 5-mile run begins after the 10-miler does so we will probably be getting to the finish line within a few minutes of each other.

This evening, while I was running, Joe headed back to town to visit with some friends/coworkers and I was so tired when I got home I managed to shower, make a quick supper and then decided I was going to watch TV and go to bed. 🙂 I was fast asleep when Joe got home, although Cora our watch dog took her job very seriously and belted out huge woofs that someone was showing up to the house while I was sleeping and that definitely woke me up. It’s actually kind of jolting being fast asleep and then having a very loud dog go off but if someone did try to break in at night at least we know our Cora would let us know! Buddy likes to be petted and given cookies so much that he would just invite a stranger in if he/she looked promising.

Me on the couch with all I could need…water, book, computer, blanket…I ate supper, watched a little TV and then headed to bed.

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