Our New Door!

After some setbacks our new door is finally in! It took like 4 hours (not counting the first time we tried to install it or the subsequent work in order to get the door to fit) to get it up, but finally just before dark tonight we got it installed.  Joe did most of it really, I only helped a little bit with tools or holding things 🙂

I brought home pizza so we could eat quick but Ocean found it first and squashed the box down because she likes to sit on warm things (like the dryer).  She also managed to dig into the box of chicken wings and eat one of those while we were outside too.

Cora likes the new door 🙂

The top is a screen that rolls down, or a glass panel that slides all the way up to seal the door…good for winter and summer!

I’m so glad the door looks good and the animals have a nice view now because it was such a huge pain to install! It is an Andersen door, so it’s a common name and it’s well made and we like it… but man, the instructions weren’t good and it took forever to get it up.  Plus, the door broke two of our drill bits! Thankfully it is done now and our house front looks so nice!



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