Paint, Taco Salad and Nest Boxes

Today Joe came home a little bit early from work and put the second coat of paint on the door frame and did both coats on our window frame that is right next to the door.  Once the paint dried we debated putting up the door but it was already 9:45pm and would have taken too much time so the door will come tomorrow! It was still wet here so it does dry a little bit darker than it looks now.  I think it looks good! It stands out more so the house isn’t one big white blob from the road! It will be extra nice when the rest of the windows are blue and the house has a fresh coat of white.


After Joe was finished painting and while I was finishing up supper, he took off on an errand and came home with these….

Nest boxes! These will go in the newer section for the newer chickens.  We have 10 nest boxes right now and this will add 15 more for the girls to choose from.  We’ll take the doors off of course and we may need to find a way to attach a little strip in the front so that there is a lip on the edge (so the eggs can’t be pushed out), but other than that they will work perfect and they were free!

Once we got the locker-nest boxes into the chicken coop, and the paint was still drying, we headed inside to have taco salad with homemade guacamole and tortilla bowls for supper.  I read about making a tortilla bowl here and thought it would be a fun idea for something different.  All you need is a deeper sided bowl and your tortillas.  Tuck the tortilla into the bowl and microwave it… the tutorial said 1.5 minutes but our microwave it was only 45 seconds, so you will have to try out your own microwave to see what works the first time you do it.

Lesson learned.  I put it at 1.5 minutes and walked away.  At about 34 seconds left I smelled burning. My second one was only 45 seconds and it worked great.  Our microwaves must just be different strength and I should have kept an eye on it better the first time.  I didn’t know a tortilla would do that…

This is how the tortilla looks in the bowl, all folded into a bowl shape itself.  I did notice that during microwaving some of the edges of the tortilla drooped down, but all I did was take it out of the microwave right away and reform the drooping edges against the bowl while it was still a little pliable.  Then it needs to sit in the bowl for a minute or so to cool and after that it will stand itself up and keep it’s shape!

Our taco salad had shredded lettuce, ground beef (although slightly less because Cora grabbed a hunk out of the fridge when I wasn’t watching and I had the door open), black beans, cheddar cheese and cherry tomatoes along with sour cream and guacamole.  And the bowls stood up perfectly fine! What a neat idea.

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