Running Belt

Our running belt came, but unfortunately the one time I used it so far wasn’t very fun! And since I just used it the one time it isn’t the most fair review exactly but besides the puppy who tried to eat her leash, stop randomly, run back in forth in front of me, cover me in dirt and drag be through mud puddles… I can’t entirely decide if the belt works or not.  I think possibly it is slightly too large because it doesn’t fit tightly and seems to twist and bounce when I run.  Plus, the water bottle holder is not detachable so instead of running with it empty I brought water for us and a water bottle attached to me the whole way was odd…I felt off balance.  Cora and I ended up walking home instead of running and for walks the belt worked great! I attached her to me and the water bottle didn’t bug me and she could go to either side as she wished and I still had free hands.  So at least there is some saving grace to the whole thing and maybe with a little bit of work (on the belt and the puppy, and probably myself) we could make it work for running too!  Joe hasn’t had the chance to try it out yet so we’re not sure if it would work for him or not.  It is a little bit girly I guess too since it is purple so I’m not sure that he really would want to use it or not.

There is a clip and the attach point can be moved to a few different spots on the belt.  I guess, technically, I could walk a whole handful of dogs at one time although everyone going all different ways and getting tangled makes it sound more like a punishment! 🙂 I will stick with two for now.


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