Normal Pictures

Tonight we had something called Tuscan pasta for supper but it wasn’t very good.  It was pretty much spaghetti but with a homemade sauce that was only ok but it was quicker to make at least since after work I did our grocery shopping finally and Joe came home from work, put the deck on the mower, mowed all the grass and then had to go out running.  So we didn’t end up eating until kinda late and we ended up eating without lights because they had to turn the power off for a half an hour to run an additional line to a very large family across the road and up the hill a house.  So we ate supper at the table, watching them work on the power instead 🙂 This small outage was on top of a bigger outage that was here during the day, thanks to the wind I think but I’m not totally sure.

Here is what our house looked like this evening between supper dishes being all over and animals we made a pretty good mess in the kitchen.

Two cats that love the grill box, hopefully they don’t get used to it because it isn’t permanent!, and getting ready to take out trash

Supper dishes, a big, old dog and a ton of foam from a toy that puppy destroyed.  If you can see closely, in the other room through the door in the kitchen her tail was sticking out into the photo.

Because she was in the other room watching for Joe who was outside 🙂



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