New Grill and Clean Puppy

Joe and I have been thinking about a grill for awhile now.  We have a small charcoal grill but it’s a pain to start and light etc. so we’ve been wanting a gas grill.  Last weekend we went out shopping for them and tonight we finally went out and purchased a grill, a cover, propane and a couple of grill tools.   It is made by Brinkman, it has 5 burners and then a side burner that is like what you’d find on a stove top where you can put a pot of something.  So we could cook our whole supper right outside.  Hopefully it will save some money on gas during the summer and keep the house cooler on hot days when we don’t need to use the stove/oven. Now if only it would warm up a bit so we can sit outside and use it!

And we (probably mostly Joe) still have to put it together!

And, totally changing topics, this is Cora’s kennel.  She has kept it just like this for the past 4-5 days now.  She hasn’t had an accident and she hasn’t even mussed up her towels! Ever since we kicked her out of our bedroom and she turned 1 she has become very clean with her kennel.  She goes in willingly and lays down calmy and waits patiently.  The only thing she has done to her kennel lately is to rearrange her toys when she plays with them! It’s like she was abducted by aliens and they sent back the wrong puppy! She is still a crazy girl when she is loose in the house, but when we are gone all day and she is in her kennel we don’t really need to worry about her having accidents or chewing up her towels or anything anymore (hopefully I don’t jinx us!).


2 thoughts on “New Grill and Clean Puppy

    • I don’t know either! I think she feels like she is more a part of the house. She can see the cats sleeping in their spots and she sees Buddy coming and going and a lot of times he will be sleeping outside her kennel on the carpet when I leave for work so she must not be as lonely. We leave the blinds open too so she can see the trees and birds flying around above the bird feeder. No idea what it is but we’ll take it!

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