Fresh Air

We’ve been taking lots of dog walks and a few runs lately.  If Joe and I go together we can take both dogs, if I go by myself I need to take them separate and will usually run with Cora for a couple miles and then take Buddy on a nice walk.  We have a running leash coming for Cora so hopefully that helps and Joe can take her on some of his longer runs.  For my shorter runs it’s easier to carry the leash, but for Joe’s longer runs it would get tiring being all off balance like that so he can’t really take her long.  They are doing road construction and work on the  water drainage system just down the road from us so we have to walk past all of the workmen and go a little bit out of our way to get to our trail but it all works good because Buddy is patient and likes everybody and Cora is learning to be patient (like when we need to cross the road) and it’s good for her to see and hear new things like workmen in helmets and people holding stop signs for one lane traffic and big work trucks and diggers and things like that.  So far she only barked once at somebody and stopped when I told her to knock it off.

Here are some pictures from some of our walks, no pictures of the construction though because I didn’t want to be creepy while they were out working.  Cora got her walks too but I don’t take the camera because I don’t know that I can take pictures while she is running all over the place.


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