Quiet Evening

Joe went out after work with some of his coworkers and clients that are in town this evening so I headed home fed all of the animals, made easy food for supper and watched Morning Glory on TV which is a girl movie I don’t think Joe would have liked anyways 🙂 We went to bed pretty early too so there wasn’t too much to report.  Cora spent much of the evening barking out windows for no reason, or bugging Chloe, Buddy napped next to me, the chickens ate a ton of grass and dandelions, the rabbits got bird seed treats and the other two cats were off somewhere sleeping and/or avoiding Cora.  It’s cold again here now, in the low 30’s overnight, so I briefly turned the heat back on but then decided many of the windows were open so I turned it off again and added another blanket to our bed.  It can’t last forever! Soon it will warm up again I’m sure.

Whole grain lasagna from a can and a bagel that I toasted in the oven and melted mozzarella on except it wasn’t amazing so I put Tabasco on it, because I could put Tabasco on almost anything, which made it still not-amazing of course but edible and not bad! I didn’t think I’d like the lasagna much because the couple times I’ve tried to make whole grain pasta here it has been strange, but I couldn’t even tell from this so maybe I just picked the wrong pasta, or more likely, cooked it wrong and will have to try again sometime.


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