Two Not-Pepperoni Pizzas

Tonight we had two different types of pizza for supper.  The first was tostada and the second was a chicken/broccoli pizza, these were in place of our normal pepperoni pizzas that we often have in one form or another (french bread/bagel pizzas, homemade crust, premade crust, ordered/take out). We’ll have so much pizza that we can have supper and lunches tomorrow and then some!

Pizza 1: Tostada

Crust: Baboli (I think) thin crust

Sauce: refried beans

Toppings: black olives, green onion, taco ground beef, roma tomato, taco shredded cheese, shredded lettuce/taco sauce (put on after it was baked)

Baked but without lettuce/taco sauce

All finished with lettuce and taco sauce on top.

Pizza 2: Chicken Broccoli

Crust: Freschetta thin crust (this was my favourite crust)

Sauce: Ranch (light) salad dressing

Toppings: leftover chicken from last night, bacon bits, minced garlic, broccoli, mozzarella cheese

Baked and ready to be eaten

I liked both pizzas although I still like normal pizza the best! If we aren’t going to make homemade crust, then I think I liked the Freshetta crust the best because it was tasty and easier to eat but it also held lighter toppings and maybe I didn’t cook the other crust long enough so I guess it isn’t a fair judgement.  I think I put way too much garlic on the chicken pizza too, with less garlic it would have been even better… or at least roasted garlic instead of raw.  Oh well!

Tube ground beef from Wal-Mart.  We usually buy our meats from a local store, but when I don’t feel like going there or we change our minds for supper at the last minute etc. we will get Wal-Mart meat and it is totally fine! Ever since I made a post about 5lb of ground beef it has been the number one search that gets people to my blog 🙂 Of all things! So people must be curious about how good the meat is so I thought it was about time that I mentioned that we eat it sometimes, and we aren’t dead (or sick, or harmed whatsovever) yet…it’s perfectly good!  This time I only got one pound, hoping for a sale at our local store, and I put half of the taco meat on the pizza and the other half we’ll save for later in the week (with the other half of the refried beans and leftover olives and green onions) for when I work late and we’ll have nachos or something similarly easy for supper.


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