A Parade and a Play Date

This morning Joe and I went to Houghton for a Parade of Thanks for all of our military services and veterans etc.  It seemed like a reasonable crowd although not as big as it could have been compared to some of the other local parades.  I think all parades are fun 🙂

Houghton County snow plow all decked out in balloons

Boy Scouts carrying a very, very large flag

A very well-behaved, handsome Shepherd in a t-shirt walking with his nice family! I can’t imagine the drama we would have here if we tried to wrangle Cora into a t-shirt 🙂

Our fire truck!

And then randomly, the first car in line to go through downtown after the parade, was our mail man!

Later in the afternoon we took Cora to Chassell for a play date with her older Shepherd friend, Fero.  It was a day for Shepherds around here.  Letting Cora play gives us a chance to visit and catch up with our people friends while she catches up with Fero and she learns to behave around other people and other dogs and cats that don’t live here.  Plus, Buddy doesn’t like to play with her and Fero is a little bit more willing, although he is starting to get older now too.  I didn’t take too many pictures of them playing, I totally forgot my camera in my purse, but I did get one of both dogs in the car.  When it was time to go home Fero jumped right in with Cora and then settled right into the back of the car and refused to get out for a few minutes.

I wasn’t fast enough to get their faces so I got a cute picture of two Shepherd behinds instead! It works!  By the end though we sorted out the dogs and they kept their Shepherd and we took ours home 🙂  Next time we’ll have to try letting Fero and his family come visit us to see how they like playing at our house.  And don’t worry we gave Buddy lots of love and a good walk and some cookies to make up for him not getting to go play! In reality, he was much happier at home with peace and quiet, and no puppies bugging him, than in the midst of a bunch of dogs and people where he would get all wound up!


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