Some Much Needed Work

Today was my day off this week so in the morning I took my friend Eleanor out to go shopping.  After dropping her off in the afternoon to visit her other friend, Hank, who is recovering from a surgery, I headed myself back to town to pick up a few flowers, a couple of bags of mulch, I found a few solar lights on clearance from last year and I also got a couple hose attachments for the hose.

When I got home, after taking the dogs outside quick, I headed back out by myself to do some much needed cleaning up outside.  The area by our back door was getting pretty messy with leaves and we still had shovels out and other winter things.  So I cleared all that out and ripped up this old blue outdoor carpeting that has been there since we moved.  I kind of liked it at first even though I think Joe wanted to get rid of it, but really it is just scummy and it looks a lot better without it there so it was really past time for it to go.  I don’t know the reason behind outdoor rugs.  They get wet, and dirty and gross.  There were worms living under our rug because they got so confused and thought it was just a different sort of dirt!

Now the only thing left outside are the egg signs and the outside broom.  I planted flowers in our old watering can and the black tall planter under the window will get something growing there, I just haven’t figured out what yet.  Maybe just some flowers.  There is also one more pot that I need to fill up but I need to pick up a bag or two of dirt and flowers for that one too. It is on the right hand side, on the edge of the concrete where you can’t see it.  Further down the side of the house the 4 herb pots we have are ready for a bunch of herb plants.  Two herbs came back from last year so I think maybe I’ll try covering the pots next year and see if we can’t get all the plants to come back.

Up front and on the side of the house I put in a few flowers.  Many of the flowers we planted last year are perennials so we only had to add a few new ones this year for some more colour.  I also added a couple bags of mulch again, not to entirely cover the gardens because we would need like 10 bags to do that, but just to add some more in places that needed it etc. So now I think the house gardens are mostly done.  All we have left is vegetables and I think we’ve decided now to have just a couple things this year and not out in the big garden.  Instead of spending all that money on little plants that will get eaten by rabbits and deer we’re going to spend the time making a good fence, determining where we really want everything to be and then figure out our water situation too so that next year when we plant our garden we will be able to keep it safe and happy and actually get more food from it!  I think we might put a few pots of things near the house though because I want to grow at least something.  Joe mentioned wanting to grow peppers so then we should grow tomatoes to go with them.  I’d love a blueberry bush but I don’t know where we would put it and then besides our herb pots maybe some lettuce or green beans or something else like that.  Easy things to put in a pot. I also have some pumpkin seeds I want to plant but I’m not sure if I can put those in a pot or not… I’m going to have to look that up.  At least this year we joined our CSA so we’ll still be getting a lot of fresh, local produce on top of the few things we might grow and hopefully next year our own garden will be bigger and grow better!

After planting all of the flowers and cleaning up, I also cleaned out the car and vacuumed it and then I had to get out the carpet cleaner to clean a couple of spots from the back seats from the dogs.  I don’t know when they got the car dirty but I guess it only takes a second! We’ll just be better about putting blankets down before dogs get in the car! Finally, I ended up in the chicken coop and I cleaned them out quick and got them settled with new bedding and a ton of grass and dandelions that I picked for them which they love! Today was a great day to do work outside because it was cool and cloudy.  I was able to wear a jacket all day and there was no chance of me getting sunburnt.  It did sprinkle on and off but it was never bad enough to go inside or anything.

By the time I was done with all of that Joe was home from his own long day at work and he got to open a new trim saw that he ordered to cut a synthetic sapphire that was too hard to cut with a normal saw.  This little trim saw can be used to cut all sorts of gem stones and technically wood too but it didn’t come with the wood saw blade like it was supposed to so we’ll see about that.

You can see a piece of sapphire on top of the saw platform there.  Joe cut it into smaller pieces that he can work with now on the faceting machine.

After supper, as the sun was starting to set we decided to take the dogs on a walk to Dollar Bay.  We followed the snowmobile trail along the edge of town and went all the way out to an old little bridge where the dogs can go wading.  Cora raced back and forth so much that she must have taken two walks when the rest of us only took one.  Buddy did well but he was very tired by the end and ready to be home. The poor dog got slower and slower, especially coming up the hill back to the house.  Both dogs went wading and got very dirty but I think we all had a fun time! We made it home after 10 when it was pretty much dark and we all headed to bed.  It was a very nice walk to end the day!


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