Happy Birthday Big Puppy!

Today our puppy Cora is 1 year old.  She is a big girl but still acts like a very small girl.  We still have a hard time getting her to keep her mouth off our arms and legs and she still won’t quit bugging the cats.  But then she is also very beautiful looking, and intelligent, she is so curious about everything and she can be so sweet sometimes too (especially when she is sleeping!).  She is turning out to be a good guard dog and even though “No!” is one of the most used words around here, especially by me because I’m less patient about her craziness, she still makes us laugh and forgive her because she is still young and finds the weirdest things to do. As I type she is trying to play with the cat who is sitting on a chair under the dining room table.  She sets her ball on the chair next to the cat like she is offering to play, except cat really doesn’t want anything to do with her and just kind of growls.  I’m pretty sure Cora has no idea that the cat doesn’t love her and would keep trying to offer her ball all day if she could.

Tiny, floppy eared Cora.  Buddy trying to pretend there isn’t something staring at him.

Curious puppy…. probably wondering how she can eat my shoes or rip clothes.  That wasn’t a fun stage.  She didn’t mean to, but she went through a lot of pants.  I still, a year later, have comfy pants with holes in them.  Did I ever mention that she ate a shoe of mine last week too? Because she did.

Ears spending some time up and some time down.  She was starting to get adult fur too.  Bugs and floating leaves still fascinate her!

Playing with a creepy fake hand and looking so Shepherdy.

By January of this year she was almost too big to lift up anymore! Plus, she wiggles too much to hold without getting injured!

Playing in the snow.  She is always happy and excited.  Any and all weather is her friend.  She doesn’t mind hot or cold, rain or snow…she is thrilled to be out in everything.  Even thunderstorms don’t phase her… although she has never been outside during one.

So pretty outside.

My Royal Wedding Date

Very environmentally conscious she always looks for ways to recycle.

She is my kind of girl when it comes to the basement.  I was putting the mop away and she peeked downstairs and decided she was absolutely not going down there.  I’m not sure if she has ever seen this door open and realized there was more stairs and more house down there.  All the times I can think of she hasn’t been in the kitchen with us so I don’t think she knew there was a basement before.  It would be interesting to take her down there and let her see it for something new 🙂  Pinga was on the counter behind us and she did want to go into the basement.  Her and Ocean love it down there and love to explore…Pinga opened the door herself over the weekend and I had to bribe them upstairs with smoked fish.  I would let them go but I’m not sure where all the crawl spaces down there lead and don’t want them to get out of the house or lost or stuck because I am not crawling in some gross crawl space!

Our happy birthday girl! She was totally not excited about her hat that I made her.  It took both of us to distract her so I could tie it on her head and then I rubbed her head while Joe snapped a picture.  We got about 10 more of various qualities before she decided to eat her hat.

Joe played a game with her and put her ball in her hat and then let her get it out.  She did like that use for the hat and they played it for awhile before the hat totally got destroyed.  I haven’t looked yet but I think it is all over the living room right now! Tonight we’re going to have some tasty vanilla cupcakes that we’ll share with Buddy and the other animals to celebrate her birthday!


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