Deceiving Weather

It is beautiful outside today but it is pretty deceiving because it is chilly and there is a colder breeze! I didn’t wear a jacket and when I went outside on my lunch for a walk I was wishing I had one.  It was the same weather yesterday and I did the same thing, you’d think I would learn but I don’t.,.. I survived anyways! Just have to walk faster to warm up.  Today I saw crows and seagulls and some random dude in a car who was sitting by a lake doing who knows what. I saw a new trail today too that I may follow tomorrow for a change.

Our grass just took off growing in the past few days.  The chickens gaze at it, so I picked them a bunch of handfuls tonight and they were very happy.  I wish I could let them free range in the grass but they would go too far and get to busy roads.  If I could think of an easy way to let almost 80 chickens free range without them getting lost or hit by a car I would totally do it, they would love it so much.

Cora watched me from upstairs in the sunroom.  She was very interested in what I was doing.  She likes to watch the chickens from the windows too when she can.  So does Buddy, and the cats.  The chickens are like inside animal T.V.  At least it is officially what I would consider spring now and it’s almost time to plant our garden, pick out flowers and paint the house.  Joe’s triathlon is in twelve weeks already too, time is just flying by!


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