A day in the life… March 2011

Last year I spent one day taking pictures of just about everything we did and I thought I would do the same again today since I have the day off and Joe and I will both be home.  Here is a link to last year’s day if you’re interested.  I think that was the day we bought our dump truck.

A day in the life… April 2010

This morning Cora wanted to get up around 7:30.  Or at least, she was patient enough until 7:30 and then didn’t want to wait any longer.  Usually I think she’d like to get up and out of her kennel by like 5.  So I got up found some clothes, including Joe’s old sweatshirt from Highschool… almost 10 years later and now I’m wearing his highschool shirt around the house 🙂

And when I went back to get Cora Joe was already awake so I let her out and her and Buddy whined and got petted and Cora raced around the bed and we petted them both some more.  So we didn’t make it downstairs until closer to 8 and I took them out right away and then we came in and got them breakfast.

After that I put away last nights dishes, cleaned up a few last dishes I didn’t wash last night, and started my coffee.  Lately I haven’t been drinking quite as much coffee as I was drinking, but I still make a pot in the mornings and have a little bit for breakfast.  Usually I set the pot up the night before but last night I didn’t remember so I had to do it this morning.

And I got some bacon out to thaw for our breakfast.

Joe made Cora a toy out of an old V8 bottle and some dog cookies inside which she is still playing with now, a good two hours later.  She hasn’t gotten the cookies out yet either 🙂  It is super loud but generally keeps her busy, she wouldn’t even eat her breakfast because she was so excited about her toy.

I got some laundry started next, I switched a load of dog towels and rugs into the dryer and started on our clothes.  Then I put the bacon in the sink to finish thawing and swept the kitchen and vacuumed the mud room by the bunnies because they are so messy.

By 8:40 I was getting some coffee and starting the bacon. While the bacon cooked I took care of the bunnies, mopped the floors and switched over another load of laundry.

Getting some hay and a little bit cleaned up.  I will change all of his bedding and clean up in the cage a bit more tomorrow (Sunday is bunny cleaning day) but today I wiped up his cutting board and he got new food and water of course, and some good morning hay to nibble on.

This bunny got new newspaper to help keep his belly cleaned, his 0.4ml of antibiotics which I struggled to get him to drink this morning, I checked his belly and then he got new food, water and some hay to nibble on as well.  Today I will make him a cage so he can come out of the cat carrier 🙂

Buddy knows the mop is out so he is going to have to move….

I tried to show Cora that the mop was just a mop, but she just hates the mop and wouldn’t let go.  I had to pry her sharp little teeth off of it to get it back.

When I took the mop upstairs to do the bathroom and stairs I took up these old shot glasses to organize the cupboard too.  I read about this a few days ago and have been meaning to try it.  Usually in the mornings all of my stuff is falling out and I get so annoyed.  Hopefully this helps keep things more orderly!

The bacon was still cooking during all of this… I just checked on it off and on and tried not to burn it.  I did burn a couple of pieces though because sometimes I don’t check on it fast enough.  Finally the bacon was done so I scrambled up some of our eggs, made some toast, and cut up some fruit.

While the eggs were cooking I took some bird seed and carrots out to the bird feeder because my outside bunny friend was looking for some food.  I scared him/her away temporarily but it came back when it saw I had brought it carrots.

And I switched over another load of laundry and put the rugs back down etc.

See that little gray thing behind the rug?  That is a toy mouse but everytime I walk into the laundry room I jump thinking it is a dead real mouse that one of the cats caught.  Other toy mice are pink, or blue, or even white but this one is gray and gets me everytime!

By 9:41 we were ready to have our bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches with fruit for breakfast and now it is 10:20 and we’re all finished.  I’ll probably clean up breakfast dishes maybe fold laundry if it is dry and then watch some T.V. with Joe until it is time for us to work out 🙂  I still need to head out to the chicken coop this morning yet too and I’m not sure what this afternoon will bring…


After I left I did go and clean up breakfast dishes and the kitchen and then I gathered our blankets and sheets to wash…

And did a bit of cleaning in the bathroom,  have I uploaded a photo of our new shower curtain yet? I can’t remember but don’t think so.

At around 11 I headed upstairs to go running while Joe took a shower and took the dogs out.

Running 5 miles took me 58 minutes.  I might not get there fast, but at least I should get there!

Then I showered and got ready for the day as well.  This spider is living in our bathtub.  He has been there for quite awhile, except for a couple days last week when he disappeared…but now he is back. I don’t know what rules Joe and the spider have but when I’m in the shower the spider is forbidden from crawling over my head or anywhere within a few inches of me.  It can’t touch the shampoo or soap or shower head and it cannot dangle.  I don’t care where it goes or what it does when I am not there. If it follows those rules it can stay and live in the warm tub.  Otherwise I’ll be forced into action and no one wants that.

Before we left to go out and about Joe took the dogs out once more 🙂 Then Cora went into her kennel for a bit and Buddy probably went off to nap!

Then Joe and I headed out.  I opened the chicken door for the girls before we left but I still have to collect eggs and get them water this afternoon.  Joe and I went to the hardware store to find Wire Clip Pliers but they did not know what we were talking about.  We need those to build the bunny cage, not sure what we will do now…we will work on it.  Then we went to the pet store in Painesdale (they are under new ownership so we can go there again!) and got a couple things for the bunnies and then headed to Chassell to go to a store called Fiber Whims where we picked up some loom weaving and some basket weaving supplies.  We won’t talk about how I forgot to take pictures of all 3 stores we visited!

When we  got home Joe changed and headed out for a bike ride.  It looks nice but don’t be fooled, it is still very cold outside! This is the first time he has really been able to get out on his new bike.

It is 4:09 now and Joe is back from his ride.  He rode 6 miles through Dollar Bay and says biking on this kind of bike is pretty difficult! I can imagine, I know I don’t even like to bike on this sort of stationery bike and I think the real thing would be worse 🙂

My last, fifth, load of laundry is in for the day (our sheets and blankets) and I really want to take a nap but I still have to care for the chickens, wash eggs, finish up the laundry and I think I may try making a basket for a friend of mine’s little girl for Easter.  Then it will be time for supper and some more bunny care.  I just microwaved some coffee and I’m going to take my book to go read in the recliner for a bit.  If I fall asleep then I can’t help it 🙂 After that I will have to get to work!

Everyone else settled in for a nap too!


It turns out that both of us did fall asleep 🙂 Until right around 7.  Joe came downstairs just a few minutes after I got up from the couch and was in the kitchen getting supper started.  I got red potatoes and got them into the oven, took care of the chickens, washed eggs, fed the animals, gave rabbit his medicine and cleaned his bedding, scooped the litter boxes, took the dogs out and poked around on the internet for a bit.

By 8 or so our I was cooking steak and while it was going I finished folding a couple things from the laundry.  Now all that is left is our last top quilt finishing up in the dryer.

We had strip steak, steamed broccoli with cheese and rosemary roasted red potatoes for supper.   It turned out pretty good although I think I overcooked Joe’s steak a bit, I always cook mine longer and Joe is still better at cooking steaks than I am but I tried to cook his less tonight!

Now all of the dishes are cleaned up, laundry  is put away (except for the last blanket in the dryer), Cora’s kennel is ready for bed, everyone is cared for and the house is generally clean and nice so tomorrow I won’t have to do very much!

Chloe helping me make our bed…

It is 9:19 now and we’ll probably watch some movie(s) and/or read and then head to bed.  Joe will take the dogs out once more and I’ll grab our last blanket on the way upstairs.  I may, depending on how long we are up yet, get out some basket supplies and see about cutting some reed to make that basket tomorrow. I can’t decide whether to make it round or oval shaped but we’ll see!


6 thoughts on “A day in the life… March 2011

  1. I like your “day in the life of” posts! And I’m glad to know I’m not the only one with rules for spiders. =)

    • Thanks! I know how gross is the spider huh? I feel bad killing it though so as long as it stays in its space and I get mine I can live with it. If it was one of those big, black hairy spiders it would have to go though. No mercy for them they are so fast, and icky!

      • Same here – the daddy long legs and any other small or skinny/long legged spiders are fine. But anything that’s big enough to splat when you squish it is unsafe! 😉

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