Kuparisaari Half-Ironman Triathlon

Today Joe registered himself for a Half-Length Ironman Triathlon.  It includes a 1.2mile in-land lake swim, a 56-mile bike race, and a half-marathon (13.1 mile) run along Lake Superior.  I’ll be watching from the side lines 🙂 I could probably learn to bike that far, but I can hardly swim and I’m not good at, and don’t usually like, to run… so this isn’t for me.  Joe has been wanting to do something like this for a very long time though and he can swim good, he used to run a ton so that should be easy to get back into and biking should be no trouble so he will be good at all of the things! He has about 30 weeks to train and the competition will take place on our first anniversary August 14, 2011!

I’ll let you know how his training goes since I’ll probably tag along to the gym sometimes with him to use their equipment for a change.  Maybe I will even get Joe to tell you about it himself at some point 🙂


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