A day in the life…

Or actually a weekend day in the life, because our weekdays aren’t usually like this.

I read someone else’s blog yesterday and she took pictures of her whole day.  She has three little kids, a husband who works from home some of the time and one cat… so we don’t really have too much in common but I still thought it was fun to see her day (and I like her blog in general), so I thought I would post our day today.

This morning Joe and I both woke up around 7:30ish. I was up a little bit before that but decided to lounge in bed and doze for awhile and then Joe had his alarm set to get up early so we got up together.  I got dressed quick and then he went in to take a shower and get ready for the day… I will shower later when I’m done being dirty.

On the way downstairs I collected laundry from our three hampers (yes, we have three ‘hampers’ for two people… one is in the closet, one is in our office just outside the bathroom and there is a small one in the bathroom that gets used wash clothes and towels mostly). And I brought it downstairs… although I didn’t start laundry because, even though I use cold water, I always worry that it will mess up the water if Joe is taking a shower and he won’t get hot water right. So I waited.

After putting clothes in the laundry room I went right for my coffee. Pouring myself coffee in my pink travel mug is always one of the first things I do in the mornings, although I tend to forget it… or lose it and have to heat it up again.  Sometimes I take it outside when Buddy and I go for our morning walks.

Next I filled up all the cat food bowls, gave Buddy and the cats fresh water and fed Buddy his breakfast, along with his morning meloxicam (which he just started for his arthritis) we feed it to him in cheese so he doesn’t know… that is what he is eating here.

Then it was into the laundry room to scoop the liter box… and sweep the floor in this room and the kitchen afterwards.

Not too much dirt today but I like to sweep the floor because I hate stepping on dirt, or cat liter bits or crumbs with barefeet… I hate it. Ick. So I sweep. If there are crumbs or anything on the counter that I didn’t clean up the night before for some reason I will wash those onto the floor first… then sweep. But today the kitchen was very clean otherwise so I didn’t have to.

Next it was time to move on to the bunnies.  I wiped down the table and got it free from crumbs, hay and a little pee that they got on it and wiped off a chair and our shelves where they also peed… there was almost none though today and nothing on the walls so we are so much better now! Refilled their food (they both proceeded to dig out the tastiest bits) and gave them fresh water and some new hay to eat.

I added the bunny blanket to the laundry and started my first load since Joe was out of the shower.

Joe took Buddy outside for a walk for me this morning…

And I went upstairs to get the vacuum.  I took it upstairs yesterday to vacuum the carpets up there but never did… so I vacuumed upstairs first and then brought the vacuum downstairs along with a bit more laundry (towels) and finished the bunnies by vacuuming up the spilled hay and food on the floor.

Then I went back upstairs to make our bed and collect/empty trash cans.

And outside I went… I took out the trash

Put out the egg sign

And visited the chickens.  I filled up their food and water and gave them a snack.  Some of them will eat scratch from my hand now, except if they miss, their little beaks kinda hurt.

I came inside with one egg already, freshly laid (or sat on)  because it was warm still.

Once inside, I switched my first load of laundry into the dryer and started the next load. I bought a bounce dryer bar and am trying it out for the first time today. It was expensive and it says it only lasts 2 months. We’ll see how long it actually lasts, dryer sheets are a lot cheaper and last a lot longer.

While I was outside, Joe was inside cooking us a tasty breakfast.

I got more coffee (almost exactly 1 hour after I came downstairs for the morning) and sat myself down to catch up on my blog posts until breakfast was finished.

Hash with gravy, fried eggs and toast. Mmm. And coffee of course, but just for me.  After breakfast Joe headed outside to do some work and wait for someone to pick up their things that had been stored in our pole barn over the winter.  I kept blogging.

Eventually I got more coffee…

And took a break to fold laundry and switch over loads, give the bunnies their blanket back and to shower for the day.

After my shower I microwaved my coffee again and actually put on real pants. For work I wear khaki… always, never-ending khaki and when I am at home I usually wear comfy pants, yoga pants etc. I rarely wear jeans unless I am shopping on my days off or going to appointments etc. So today I actually am just wearing jeans around the house… mostly because all my comfy pants are in the laundry, but still!

While my coffee microwaved I folded my second load of laundry and put the third, and last, load into the dryer.  I can’t really tell what the dryer bar is doing, but the laundry does smell super good at least.

Now it is 11:08 am and I have warm coffee, I’m all showered, most of the chores are done for the day, I’m caught up on my blog and I am going to finish my weaving, wash breakfast dishes, play tennis ball with Buddy, put laundry away, and maybe water plants this afternoon. I’m going to update my blog as I go… so I don’t have to upload so many pictures all at once later.  See you later!

Well… we had a busy afternoon!

After I left here this morning I went and finished up my rug. My rug is definitely a practice rug. Buddy grudgingly sits on it but you can see through it in places and the green warp threads do nothing for me.  But it was practice!

It looks cuter in the picture… although the edges are very unfinished still.  But I tried, it was fun!

By noon I was finished with my rug, had it shrinking in the dryer, and was settling in on the couch to read my book, eat popcorn and watch some T.V.

I don’t think I mentioned that after breakfast Joe headed to town to go to a gun show with some friends.  He came home around 1:15 with this lovely bumper sticker and we headed out on some errands.

Our first stop was Erickson’s Feed and Seed.  This is the store that the man who used to own our home started and then eventually sold. I don’t know if Mr. Erickson ever worked at his store in it’s current location though or how long ago it was sold.  This is my stealthy picture because I couldn’t be that girl who takes a blatant photo of her feed store like a big dorky tourist! 🙂

Then we decided to go to the pet store so we had to get gas in the car first.

The next section here is blank. We had an ‘incident’ at the pet store so I forgot to take a photo.  It’s probably good anyways because I left so angry that I shouldn’t even post a photo if I had one… we’ll keep the store anonymous here.  If you’re local and want to know the story I will tell you somewhere else! I continued to be angry throughout our next stop, Wal-Mart, too… so I forgot to take a picture of the Wal-Mart but everyone knows what they look like…we bought some charcoal for our smoker.

Then Joe and I drove home, called a man and headed back out to L’Anse… maybe 45 minutes away to look at this dump truck.  And then …we bought this dump truck!  She is a 1977 F-750. About 12,000 pounds of truck that can haul over 30,000 itself. We got her for scrap metal prices.  The man has been trying to sell this truck for awhile but no one had really been wanting to pay $2,000 (us either!). So he had been going down and down and finally he got a scrap metal quote and listed it one more time… either way he would have gotten that price (at least until Monday when the scrap metal prices could have changed) so we talked to him about it, and Joe drove it and we bought it.

This truck has brand new tires, good hydraulics (the dumpy part), and a good engine. It has low mileage, although it is old. It has some body rust that is cosmetic and the paint is peeling off the dump part. It starts right up and runs. The man was hoping to get rid of it, either for selling or scrapping because he does not use it anymore… he is a contractor but found that he uses his dump trailer more than the truck, and was trying to clear out in and around his building so that he could do work there instead of just dumping stuff and storing stuff there.  Our truck can’t pull a dump trailer or we would consider that.

More on the truck… we could rent a dumpster for 45 days which would include disposal and hauling.  We would probably need at least two dumpsters over the course of our cleaning and maybe more because of the buildings and trash piles we would like to move. Hauling trash in Joe’s truck is very inefficient because we can’t fit half the stuff in the bed and we would have to make a billion trips adding wear and tear to his everyday vehicle. This truck cost us a bit more than it would cost to get a dumpster, but not much. We will have to pay registration and insurance but we can also take the insurance off in the off season (where are we hauling buildings in the snow? Nowhere.) We might be able to earn a little extra money hauling for other people too and we can make as many trips as we want to the dump (Although the dump bed is huge so we shouldn’t need to make too many) we can take our time and spend more than 45 days hauling and cleaning trash. Plus, someday we have to regravel our road and I’m sure we’ll find a million other uses for this thing. As I’m blogging Joe said we could also use the truck to re-asphalt our main driveway… which is nice because it is full of weeds…technically we could pull a horse trailer with it, although that might look goofy. I’m sure I will think of more stuff too… Oh (I did) if we ever don’t want it at least we can sell it for scrap and the tires are very new (he paid $1600 for them I think he said) so we could get additional money for those. Oh, and we can use it when we do our roof… see a million uses.

By 6:00pm ish we were back home again in Dollar Bay.  I got my watering can and went out to feed and water the chickens.  We got 11 eggs today. Our record is 16 so we really didn’t get much today.

Around 7:30 or so Joe and I took Buddy outside. In between getting home and this I read my book and had some cheerios and Joe called his parent’s and we research insurance and registration information. I’m convinced Buddy’s medicine has been helping. He has been in a better mood and so much happier and playful and ready to go, go, go. Or at least…as much as you can for a 10 year old dog on arthritis medications.  He just seems better.  He played ball…he ran slow, but he ran.  We love our doggy. We haven’t been neglecting the cats today either although they haven’t really been in my blog yet…Both of them helpd me blog this morning and they have both had a million snuggles today too.

After Buddy had supper he laid down on his new rug for a bit.

Now it is 8:33 here and Joe just headed out to make an appearance at one of his friend’s senior barrels for a little while.  I still have laundry to put away (but all three loads are folded) and I really should wash the breakfast dishes ( I haven’t used the dishwasher in almost a month). I’m also debating weather to make a couple baskets or not… I may just find a girly movie on T.V. and read my book some more before going to bed. Hopefully I at least remember to bring in our egg sign. No one bought eggs today but I sold 3 dozen yesterday and we have made about $40.00 so far on extra egg sales. One lady emailed me today asking for 10-12 dozen because she creates ornaments from them… we don’t get that much of course, it would take almost 2 weeks for so many and we think it might be nicer to have people eat our eggs rather than waste them (although what they really do with them once purchased we can’t control and it isn’t our business anyways). Why spend trouble raising chickens and treating them humanely and feeding them good foods so that you get good fresh eggs if you’re just going to empty them and not enjoy the difference between them and store bought eggs? Although anyone who buys eggs (or any animal products)… for whatever reason… should really try to be sure they are raised humanely, although sometimes it isn’t possible or you just can’t help it.

I have a few more things to do tonight.. I’ll try to update once more before bed!

Here’s for my last update of the day 🙂 At 10:03pm. I didn’t forget to take many pictures today…my camera was glued to me.  The neighbors probably think I’m totally freakish for taking pictures of my egg sign for the umpteenth time this morning. I’ve taken at least 3-4 sets of that sign… I just think that when I put a picture of the sign up, it should be a new one 🙂 They probably bought extra locks for their doors after this last round thinking I’m nuts… or really proud of my sign…that was here when we bought the house and that Joe improved on, I had nothing to do with it except the chalk numbers really… Joe even hung it and did the posts.  I’m proud of the sign everyone else made 🙂

After my last post I called my family to say Hello.

Then I headed into the kitchen to make some nachos. Or sort of nachos.. it is just shredded cheese and Tabasco which sounds bad on paper but I love Tabasco so I like them even if no one else does. Call me nuts again and warn the neighbors. Sometimes I don’t even put cheese on them. Joe and I didn’t have supper…we weren’t very hungry so we just had snacks earlier. I’m sure my 10:09pm supper is very healthy for me 🙂

I was going to drink coffee too. I can drink coffee anytime. If I’m ever bedridden and can’t speak for some reason someone slip some coffee into one of my I.V. bags please. But I decided that if Joe was here he would be mad at me for drinking coffee at 9:30 and telling me not to keep him awake all night so I drank water from the fridge…which is really from the sink but at least it is cold.  I don’t like sink water. I don’t know why… but I have been drinking it lately and finally I bought this jug from Wal-Mart so that I could have extra cold sink water. Water is good for you and I can’t remember the last time I bought bottled water for home.  So good for me that you can see how much water I’ve drunk out of this jug that I filled at least a few days ago by now 🙂 At least I’m drinking some tonight… that’s all that matters. Mmm sink water.

While my nachos were microwaving I cleaned up the kitchen… put away clean dishes, washed dirty dishes and recycled our empty cans.

(9:41pm) I washed our eggs from the day…11 total, not amazing but it wasn’t awful either. Now we have a full 4 dozen to sell tomorrow if anyone comes to get any…some days they do, some days they don’t.

Then I repackaged some ground beef that I bought.  A big family pack was on sale and I split those into 6 different packages for different meals… so I did that too. And this time I labeled them as well as dated… a couple weeks ago when I made pizza dough I froze some and I just wrapped it up and put it in the freezer… well I bought ground beef a few days later and did the same thing and one white package in the freezer looks like any other so one day I took out a package for a ground beef dinner and by the evening it was thawed and came out of the package looking a lot less like ground beef than I had thought it would (because it was pizza dough..and those are not substitutable). Lesson learned.

Now it is almost 10:30 and I’m going to maybe watch T.V. if anything is good on, or crawl into bed and read until I get sleepy. Tomorrow we are installing our nesting boxes.  They are on the floor for now, but we are going to hang them and make them all nice for the chickens tomorrow. And Joe may ‘borrow’ my engagement ring for awhile to make a computer aided model of it so he can have my custom wedding band made without me giving up my ring for too long. Hopefully it works! I think there were some other things on my list for tomorrow too, but I can’t remember them right now so it will just be a surprise tomorrow.

Have a good night!


6 thoughts on “A day in the life…

  1. Nice dumper Joe! If things ever get slow in the engineering dept. you two should be set- hauling loads, selling eggs and beer, maybe even rabbits- The future is looking bright!

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